Professional Canberra Air Conditioning Installers

Canberra Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance - Canberra & Queanbeyan

Our licenced Canberra air conditioning installers have more than forty years of combined experience in cooling and heating residences and office spaces. Our partnership with Celsius Air ensures we offer customised air conditioning solutions and premium service at affordable rates.

We hold a license for split system air conditioning installation and decommissioning, ensuring safe working processes and standards. We specialise in work with single-head split system aircons of less than 18kW cooling capacity.

Our Canberra Air Conditioning Installation Process

When we work with clients, we ensure the following:

  • Pre-commissioning Tests. We review your area and run the pipe work of your air conditioner.
  • Refrigerant Installation. During installation, we optimise the refrigerant charge, and can introduce additional refrigerant when required on extended pipe runs.
  • System commission. Upon completion of the installation of your air conditioner, we conduct air and water balancing and adjustment. We also check and adjust the unit’s components and controls to ensure optimal operation.
  • Commissioning and Decommissioning documentation. We provide a complete list of rendered services.

It is essential to choose an air conditioning system that can hold up to Canberra’s extreme weather conditions and last through the years. Download our specifications for air conditioners in Canberra:

Contact our Aircon Installers in Canberra

Because installation must be conducted by licensed installers--like us--It is equally important to work with people who know what they are doing. CQ Electrical Group’s licensed air conditioner installers bring more than forty years of combined experience to the table. We’ll be happy to provide advice on products and installation to ensure your air conditioner will provide you with years of cool service.

Our Canberra air conditioning specialists will provide onsite quotations for free. To ask about our air conditioning installation services in Canberra, or to learn about what air conditioning system will best suit your residence or office, please call us at 1300 295 811 for a free onsite quotation.